Breaking the Seal Moments
There are moments in history that I call “Breaking the Seal Moments.” Just as the pressure is forever released when one pulls the tab on a new can of tennis balls, there are occasions that act to change racial prejudice from that moment forward. Read more
American Tennis Assoc.
Founded in 1916, this governing body of Black Tennis is the oldest sports association in America. First created to provide recreational tennis activities to the Black elite, the ATA later elevated its mission to help urban families learn, enjoy and benefit from the sport. Read more
Hall of Fame
The Black Tennis Hall of Fame is a non-profit, privately funded organization dedicated to preserving the history of African American tennis and honoring those who made exemplary contributions to the sport, with special consideration extended to those who overcame racial barriers. Read more
Minority Operators
This link will provide a connection to Minority Owned/Operated tennis related businesses around the world. These might be facilities, programs, retail, teaching, resorts or tournaments. Visitors are urged to patronize these entrepreneurs whenever possible. Read more