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ATA Nationals - 1945

A gathering of Eagles.  Ivy Ramsay,?,  Nana Vaughn,

George Stewart, Ron Fieulleteau,  Ed Van Beverhoudt,

Althea Gibson,Dr. Hubert Eaton, ?, Maceo Hill.  Who knows the others?

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  14. BillyD|23:30, 6. July, 2013 Reply

    In your 1945 National picture the person at the extreme left is Ivy Ramsey.

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  17. Yvonne|10:47, 14. July, 2015 Reply

    My mother played the great Ivy Culver Ramsey in the late 1950’s in Jamaica, and won. She has the trophy to prove it and spoke much of the event. Although at the time it was a small local competition, it was a great accomplishment for my mother. A Google search of her name recently led me to a 1954 Daytona Beach Morning Journal article, where I first saw her photograph. The lady in the long sleeve in this photograph appears to be her. Thanks, this photograph basically indicates that Ivy Culver Ramsey was one of the ‘greats’ in tennis in her time. I am also now realizing why my mother made such a big deal of that historical event. She indicated that Ivy was so vexed at loosing that day, she threw away her racquet before leaving the court.

  18. Rollo|12:32, 17. August, 2015 Reply

    Great blog!

    I run a women’s tennis history forum, and was led here by searching for Ivy Cover Ramsey. Great story Yvonne! I hope you don’t mind my including it .

    I have pieced her story together here:

    Was Ivy Ramsey even in the US in 1945? She first shows up there in 1953 by most accounts. Perhaps I am mistaken, or the lady in the ATA photo is not her. Are we sure of the date?

    At any rate thanks for a a unique blog. I will visit often.

  19. George|2:56, 2. March, 2016 Reply

    Ivy Culver Ramsey Rosenthal continued to enjoy tennis. She and her late husband Stanly lived in Brentwood, Long Island, NY. My wife taught with Ivy in the Brentwood School District for many years. We traveled with Ivy and Stanley to her native home of Jamaica, where she was a national hero for representing her country and winning in Pan Am games. Ivy has retired after a long career of teaching Physical Education and Tennis. Brentwood recently renamed the High School Gymnasium in her honor.

    • Marty|14:35, 2. September, 2017 Reply

      I am sorry to report that Ivy’s health has deteriorated and it appears she will be joini g her creator shortly. She has always been a very special person and!will be missed by many.

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