The Pacific Coast Collection

The Pacific Coast Collection, a series of photos more than 70 years old.  These photos are from ATA member tennis clubs in Oakland, Pasadena and Los Angeles, California taken from 1938-1940.  Not all of the individuals shown have been identified.  If you can identify any of the individuals – or provide any other illumination, please note the number of the photo and offer whatever information that you have.


Photo #1   James “Slick” Stocks.

Photo #2 Players Tolbert and Edgar Foley.



Photo #3     Player serving.  This is what’s known as the “Trophy Stance”.



Photo #4    This “Player ID Tag” was issued to Edgar Foley upon arrival at the Pennsylvania Championships in 1939.



Photo #5     Female player striking a backhand.



Photo #6    Leonard Fuller and Edgar Foley



Photo #7     Hazel Shumate.



Photo #8     Juliett Harris



Photo #9     Leonard Fuller



Photo #10     This group photo shows the Western Federation Delegation to the ATA National Championships at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio in 1940.



Photo #11     Participants in the Ross Snyder Tennis Club tournament in 1938.



Photo #12     Pacific Coast Tournament participants in 1940.




Photo #13     This is a photo of the outside cover of the  Pacific Coast Tournament Program in 1938.




Photo #14   This is a photo of the inside cover of the Pacific Coast Tournament Program in 1938.



Photo 15.  L. Simmons



Photo 16.  Hall of Famer Flora Lomax



Photo 17.  Another photo of Flora Lomax

Photo 18.  Trophies from the Oakland tournament

Photo 19.  Paul Ford at Oakland

Photo 20.  Mrs. Paul Ford

Photo 21.  Rudyard Foley



Photo 22.  Two Doubles Teams



Photo 23.  A player in 1939



Photo 24.  A player in Pasadena, 1940