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The first Black-owned Golf and Tennis Club in America

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  2. One100cott|1:06, 17. February, 2012 Reply

    Like it.

  3. http://sayyesweddingsofficialblogsite.blog.com|3:59, 8. April, 2013 Reply

    I actually want to know how come you branded this blog, “Shady Rest
    Country Club – 1930 | Black Tennis History”. No matter what I adored the article!
    Thank you,Rashad

  4. Bob|11:37, 8. April, 2013 Reply

    This photo was taken in 1930; therefore the blog heading “Shady Rest Country Club – 1930”. Although I was too young ever to visit Shady Rest, those that played there speak of the facility in glowing terms. I wish we had a club like it today!

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  6. EDDIE|8:28, 21. June, 2013 Reply

    where was or is the shady rest club?

  7. Burn|18:34, 9. September, 2013 Reply

    The Shady Rest Club was in Scotch Plains NJ, a small town near Plainfield NJ ;near Elizabeth NJ. John Chandler a former National ranked ATA player was a famous member in the 1950s.

  8. Josi|22:27, 27. October, 2013 Reply

    I lived in Watchung, NJ, and often went to Shady Rest with my dad {and mother}, who was a member, and loved to play golf. There was sort of a quiet elegance about it. Too bad, it no longer exists, at least not in the same way.

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