Tennis 2020 Interview with Bob Davis

This interview, conducted on January 9, 2013,  launched the Blog Talk Radio program “Tennis 2020”. 
This new initiative was created and is hosted by Duey Evans of Dallas, TX.


Listen to internet radio with Tennis 2020 on Blog Talk Radio
  1.|4:13, 8. April, 2013 Reply

    “Tennis 2020 Interview with Bob Davis | Black Tennis History” was a
    superb posting. If only there were a lot more websites
    like this one on the word wide web. At any rate,
    thanks for your precious time, Laura

  2. Ronita|4:54, 18. July, 2014 Reply

    Bob, you are a star. As I think about it now I may have some of your philosophies working in my NJTL/CTA and Aces 4Kid’s Clubs. You and I met way back while you were making history. I know what you are talking about didn’t live all of it but got to be in winning the New Haven tournament and spending quality year in east coast tennis. You and Bob Ryland were always so helpful. Your idea sound right on the money.
    I’m here on the west coast part of the USTA and like you I am a Life Member of the ATA and available to network you and all coaches. The history of black tennis is our story and it needs to be told. Thank you! I’m still learning from you.

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