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Welcome to the definitive word on the History of Blacks in Tennis. This website will introduce the reader to the introduction of Blacks to tennis in 1895; the creation of the governing body of Black Tennis, the American Tennis Association, which was established in 1916.  The history of Blacks in tennis is a rich and inspiring legacy that must be preserved.  It chronicles the emergence of an elite black middle class a mere 40 years after slavery was abolished.  This middle class spawned an organization (the American Tennis Association) in 1916 and in less than 50 years, produced 2 world champions in a sport previously unavailable to Blacks.  This is one of the most remarkable feats in human history and should be illuminated as a beacon for all people to emulate.

You will also be able to visit with the standout performers who have been inducted into the Black Tennis Hall of Fame, photographs and playing histories of these individuals, including Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe.

Why is this important?  Because until the lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter! African Proverb


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