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The greatest tennis ambassador in the history of the game!

  1. Ann K.|0:43, 17. April, 2011 Reply

    That was my first tennis tournament after just starting to play tennis that Spring of 1961. The whole event was awesome. The first time I had seen tennis coaches outside of the Jr Development Coaches of the Baltimore Tennis Club- William ‘Babe’ Jones, Junkie Woods, Charlie Carroll, Rip Williams, and Myrtle Koger. I saw some of the great coaches at the nationals-Maceo Hill, Dr Johnson, Coach Provost, Bob Ryland, Dr Cohen, Coach Easterling, Dr Watson, Dr Screen, just to name a few. So many tennis players from all over the country. The juniors had to ‘chair’ junior matches in the semi-finals and finals, call the lines, run the balls, and help straighten out the score if necessary. We were told by the tournament administrators that those activities were part of learning the game. I won my first trophy in 13 and under girls doubles with Bonnie Logan. I made up my mind that I was going to go every year. I played for practice in the USTA tournaments just so I could win matches in the ATA weekend tournaments to tune up for the ATA Nationals. My whole family went. Not only did I have fun and meet life long friends, I turned out to be a pretty good player. We all did.

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